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name Holly Ryder
age 18
stats 34D-27-35, 5"7
occupation Sales Assistant at Myers, one of the larger department stores in the city. I usually work in the shoe section, but I try to sneak up to the lingerie section after hours to try on different garments. *grin* Please don't tell my boss!
hobbies Water skiing along the banks of the famous Swan River or going to the Cable Waterski park. Paragliding on rare occasions and other fun outdoor activities where I may get totally wet.
turn ons Chocolates, especially the dark ones and belgium variety, consumed in the presence of classic music.
embarrasing moments My most embarrasing moment occured when I found a skimpy lacy undergarment in what appeared to be a change room. Being new on the job, I thought it would be fine if I could just try it on for a sec. I stripped out of my clothes and underwear completely, then slid myself into the fine lacy undergarment.

It felt so smooth against my skin, I was almost in ecstacy! However, the shoppers at the department store were in shock! I had gotten totally undressed in a display window which was tinted and brightly lit from the inside, giving the impression that the window was a mirror. I couldn't see out, but the shoppers sure could see in!

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Holly Aussie Teen Star Holly Aussie Teen Star Holly Aussie Teen Star

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